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Met Office Issues RED ALERT level for extreme heat

The Met Office has upgraded its extreme heat warning to RED Alert level for large parts of central England on Monday and Tuesday and an amber alert for most of the country. People are being advised to make substantial changes in working practices and daily routines especially if working outdoors. Temperatures could reach a record 40C! Company's with outdoor workers are advised to look at alternative working hours, with the peak hours of the day avoided between 12 noon and 3pm when the UV exposure at heat is at its peak.

Some golden rules for staying safe in extreme heat

  • keep hydrated, the body is 75% water, keep those hydration levels at optimum

  • work in the shade wherever possible and take rest breaks in the shade

  • wear clothing that keeps the skin covered and wide brimmed hats/ neck coverings

  • wear sun cream minimum SPF15, ideally SPF30+

  • avoid working in the sun at peak hours between 12 noon and 3pm, working hours may have to be adjusted to accommodate this

  • take regular breaks in cool and shaded areas and hydrate regularly


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