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Weather Warning High UV Index for this week

The Met office has issued a warning for a High to Very High UV index for most parts of the UK during the current heat wave. You can check the UV Index for your area Here

The HSE has several guidance documents to assist in protecting outdoor workers from harmful UV Rays which can be downloaded from their website and used as a tool box talk

Some simple tips to help protect your workers include: -

  • drinking plenty of water throughout the day, keeping hydrated is very important to avoid heat stroke, fatigue and dehydration

  • avoiding working at the peak of the day if possible, 12pm till 3pm is the hottest period of the day and when the UV rays are most harmful

  • covering exposed part of the body, tight woven clothing works best avoid working with your tops off and arms exposed

  • wearing wide brimmed hats where possible

  • using plenty of sun cream at regular intervals through the day with a minimum SPF 15, ideally SPF 30+ is preferred

QSCL retained clients can contact us for further advice using your usual account manager contact.

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